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Registration Tab Overview

Bacterial Meningitis
Vaccination Requirements

SHSU students will be required to provide proof of meningitis vaccination before the first day of class.

To see if you are required to provide proof of vaccination, visit www.shsu.edu/meningitis.

Registration Dates

Banner Self Service

Registration Contacts

Problems with registration? Please contact the Registrar's Office:

  • By phone: 936-294-1111 or 936-294-1052
  • By email: registrar@shsu.edu
  • By fax: 936-294-1737

Registration Resources

Use the Registration Tools or Banner Self-Service channels to register for classes.

 For more information about registration, visit the How to Register website.


  • Undergraduates: Contact the Sam Center
  • Graduate Students: Contact your Graduate Advisor
  • Advising Tools
  • Mandatory Advising Guidelines:
    • All students are encouraged to be advised to assure that they are taking classes relevant to their individual degrees. There are four categories of students who must be advised:
      • Students with no SHSU GPA (all new freshmen and transfer students).
      • Students who have below a 2.5 overall GPA.
      • Students subject to TSI requirements.
      • Students who have 90+ hours, including the current semester. This is to assure that they are on the right track towards graduation.

How to Register

To help you with the registration process, watch one of the video or slide show presentations available on the How to Register website:

For more information about registration, visit the How to Register website.