Summer 2022 Grades Are Posted
Summer 2022 grades, updated GPAs and updated academic standing are now available in Degree Works.

Faculty Self Service Links

Banner - Administrative Applications

Banner Administrative Applications

Access to Banner Administrative Applications, formerly known as INB, is limited to on campus only. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome are preferred.

Document Management (BDM)

Access to Document Management requires Internet Explorer and are only available on campus.

Banner Employee Profile

Access Leave Reports, Time Sheets, EPAFs, and more!

Banner Workflow

Access to Banner workflow is limited to on campus only.

Campus Connect

Campus Connect provides the entire campus a coordinated care and communication network that helps manage student risk from identification to resolution, using data and analytics to optimize student support and to improve student outcomes. Departments, colleges, and divisions--academic, administrative, and student services--are integrated in their efforts to drive student success.


The training (or development) site allows for training, testing, and development of new features and functions. Training site data is not updated nightly and should be used only for training purposes.


If you experience technical issues with Campus Connect, please email, including your contact information and a detailed description of the issue.

SHSU Online Newsletter

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This Month @ SHSU Online

Sneak Peek at the 11th Annual Digital Education Summit

Don't Miss #DES22 on Friday, September 23, 2022.

The Role of the Research Associate at SHSU Online

This year SHSU Online has expanded its staff to include a new role, the Research Associate.

Staff News

SHSU Online is pleased to welcome three new employees!

New: How to Create, Edit, and Manage Question Banks in Blackboard Ultra

It’s finally here! The ability to build your own question (test) banks in Blackboard Ultra has arrived.

Blackboard Tip: Blackboard Ultra Activity Stream

Sometimes we have numerous events, tasks, and due dates and it is a challenge to keep up with everything. This is where Blackboard Ultra Course View can help both instructors and students.

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Required Campus Prevention & Inclusion Training

Faculty Resources

Lab & Classroom Services

IT@Sam Lab and Classroom Services

IT@Sam has several computer labs across the SHSU campuses.  Each lab is equipped with Windows 7 workstations, DVD-RW drives, scanners, printers, USB ports and other peripheral items.  Software installed in the computer labs is the same across all IT@Sam computer labs. 

Service Desk

IT@Sam Home Page:
Labs Home Page:
Labs Reservation Schedule:
IT@Sam Newsletter:

Academic Performance Solutions (APS)

Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a solution designed to empower academic and financial leaders with the department-specific performance and cost data to make more effective decisions.  This dashboard will give you a quick look at overall performance of your departments, indicate historical trends, and provide benchmark data from peer and aspirant universities.

Access the APS Dashboard

Access to this platform is limited. For questions or to request an account, please contact Somer Franklin ( or Paige Mertz (

Bearkat EduNav

Bearkat EduNav is an academic planner and registration tool that allows students and advisors to create educational plans individualized to the students’ needs. There are two environments to access the system:

  • - A test / sandbox site where advisors can test and practice using the system; data is updated multiple times a semester.
  • - A live / production site where students can see what changes the advisor makes, and advisors can see the changes the students make; data is updated as close to "immediate" as possible based on SHSU traditional timelines.

Preferred Browser: Google Chrome